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  • Evolve

    In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? We are proud to unveil the next generation of multiplayer shooters.

  • The Gorgon Cometh | Available Now

    Forget stalking your prey. Forget the sneaky cat-and-mouse creeping around on planet Shear. It is a life-or-death cage match in this free update for Evolve.

  • Evolve Hunting Season 2

    Evolve Hunting Season 2 is currently available for purchase for $24.99. Hunting Season 2 will include three more Hunter characters and one Monster character.

  • Join the Evolve Conversation

    Head over to the official Evolve forums to mingle with Hunters and Monsters alike.

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We are an independent game developer in Southern California with a core commitment to community.

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Technical Systems Programmer

We need an exceptional programmer to help us build awesome procedural multimedia systems that we can use to push the look and feel of our games.

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Available Now: Title Update 6

Gorgon is a devious, hideous killer who enjoys watching her prey struggle. She makes up for her small health and armor pool with ranged attacks that deal damage over time and can be ultra effective when stacked onto a single […]