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  • Evolve: Stage 2

    Starting today you can play Evolve completely FREE on PC via Steam. Introducing, Evolve Stage 2!

  • Evolve: Stage 2 Announcement Trailer

    Hear what TRS has to say about the biggest, newest change to Evolve!

  • Happy Anniversary Evolve!

    Make a wish Goliath! It has been 1 year since we launched Evolve. Thank you to everyone who has supported our studio & our newest title!

  • Evolve

    In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted? We are proud to unveil the next generation of multiplayer shooters.

  • New Support Kala | Available Now

    Dr. Kala Kapur is an expert on Monster biology and has spliced their DNA into her own genome in order to control the Monsters’ abilities and use them in battle.

Committed to Our Community

We are an independent game developer in Southern California with a core commitment to community.

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Junior Character Artist

We are seeking a talented junior Character Artist to join our team and help make great games. The job will require working closely with designers and artists to create convincing, visually stunning game characters, creatures, and character skins. We are […]

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A Message to Our Community

So, when you first walk into Turtle Rock, this is what you see:   We’re proud of those awards — they hang in the lobby for a reason. Evolve received over 65 nominations and awards at various trade shows after […]