Turtle Rock Studios



We’re gamers, first and foremost. Like you.

We begin each project thinking about the games we wish someone would make. We daydream, and then we work to put those dreams in your hands.

You will do things with these games that we never dreamed of! We want to hear about how you’re using them, what you want more of. We want to show off the amazing things you do in each game and with each game.

We don’t see any difference between us, the gamers who made the game, and you, the gamers who play the game. You’ll find out that the things you love, we love. The things that frustrate you, frustrate us. We’re all in this together.

To make our games the best they can be, we need you. Your feedback, your participation. When you take the time to tell us what you think, we listen.

And we’ll do more than listen….

Our Promise to You



…games as fun as they can possibly be. We play our own games, every day, for years before they’re even announced. So obviously we think they’re fun. But now it’s your game! So tell us what you think!


…to your feedback like it came from our team. We argue and fight about features and balance and gameplay and characters, same as you. When you tell us what you think, you’re talking to fellow gamers who feel the same way you do. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us.


…our games based on your feedback, your experiences, what you do with them. This only works if you tell us what you’re doing and what you think. Give us your experiences, your frustrations, your triumphs, and you will see the game change over time to reflect your feedback.


…everyone in and out of our community for one reason: because we treat you the way we want to be treated. We read that somewhere.


…openly and honestly. No bullshit. We are not marketing, we are not PR. We can’t make everyone happy all the time, but we can keep everyone in the loop.


…you. Your videos, your artwork, your stories. We want to know how you’re playing our games, what you think about them, and what they inspire you to create. Whenever you’re ready, go ahead and share what you got.


…back at every possible opportunity. We make these games for you and we will continue to deliver. In-game, out-of-game, online and off, tangible and intangible; if you give us your time and attention, we will show our appreciation.


…members of this community, just like you. We’re all in this together.

Our community will always be priority number one